We pride ourselves in using the highest quality diagnostic equipment for all makes and models of vehicles . Performance and economy are demanded from the driver of every vehicle, and because this can’t be taken for granted, we use both MAC and Autodiagnose Test Equipment to highlight any deficiencies. Our highly trained technicians are able to deal with and repair faults on most vehicles .

If a warning light appears on your dashboard then follow these simple Traffic Light Rules:-
RED Light – Stop IMMEDIATELY – a red light indicates a serious fault that is causing immediate damaged to your vehicle that WILL result in damage or serious safety issues.
AMBER Light – Proceed with Caution – an amber light indicates that your vehicle’s on-board computers have detected a fault, but that the computer perceives this as a fault that does not pose an immediate threat to your vehicles systems or the occupants safety. You are advised to proceed with caution, but to book the car in for a “code read” as soon as is possible.
GREEN Light – All is well!

For many Main/Franchised Dealers a code read is one of their most profitable services with many charging over £100.00 for their service, but in reality a simple code read and clear can be carried out while you wait and is charged at a very reasonable £20.00 plus VAT by PDJM Motors – Can you afford to take the risk not to get it checked out?

Diagnostic Services include:

  • Airbag Check
  • Emissions testing
  • Brake (ABS) system Check
  • Oil service reset

All modern cars should have annual engine diagnostic check and unless you ask for this to be done as part of your annual service this may not be carried out.

We can perform any diagnostic checks that you may require, whether it is that annoying light on the dashboard or an annual check to make sure your engine is running to its peak performance.